Fridge Filters

Enjoy great tasting water with the help of our replacement fridge filters. Refrigerator water filters help reduce levels of impurities like lead, mercury and benzene from your drinking water. Our refrigerator filters will not only improve your drinking water, but they will help the environment too by reducing the number of plastic bottles in our landfills. If you’re looking for water filters for refrigerators, look no further than Fridge Filters Canada.
We Canadians are among the luckiest bunch in the world when it comes to tap water. Our drinking water in Canada is among the safest in the world. All provinces and territories have comprehensive regulatory regimes in place to ensure the safety of drinking water, including appropriate treatment.

But when it comes to taste…well, things are not crystal clear…Chlorine is added at appropriate levels to our tap water. This helps the water distribution system bring the water to your tap at the most hygienic level… however most of us enjoy our water odour free.

Most refrigerator water filters are designed to remove the chlorine taste and odour.

While removing chlorine as well as reducing many of the following impurities*, most refrigerator water filters retain the beneficial fluoride that is existing in our tap water.

These are some of the common impurities that most refrigerator water filters are approved to reduce/remove*

  • Lead
  • Cyst
  • Mercury
  • Asbestos
  • Turbidity
  • Benzene
  • Toxaphane
  • Lindane
  • Atrazine

*Refer to individual water filter models’ spec sheets and qualification data for detailed information.